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QC-7 Robotic Tool Changer

ATI Industrial Automation’s QC-7 Robotic Tool Changer enables quick, automatic exchange of end-effectors. The compact yet robust design is optimized for all FANUC CRX robot models. The lightweight, pneumatically-actuated QC-7 features a patented Fail-Safe locking mechanism and includes optional integrated Lock/Unlock sensors to indicate the device’s status. ATI’s QC-7 enables multiple end-of-arm tools to be used in a single application and streamlines tool storage with a built-in tool hook.

The QC-7 Tool Changer is available as a complete CRX-Ready Kit for the FANUC CRX collaborative robot. This durable automatic tool changer offers a variety of configuration options with ATI’s Pass-through Utility Modules and Tool Stand systems. An optional ML8 Electrical Module attaches easily to the QC-7 Tool Changer body, which also includes five pass-through air ports and lock/unlock air fittings.

ATI Industrial Automation
ATI QC-7 Robotic Tool Changer RX robot arm
ATI QC-7 Robotic Tool Changer CRX


• Quick and automatic exchange of end-effectors.
• Patented Fail-Safe locking mechanism for a secure connection between Master and Tool.
• Integrated Lock/Unlock sensing to communicate status.
• Optional tool stand hook for convenient storage during tool change.
• Integrated pneumatic pass-through for reliable supply to downstream tooling.
• Electrical pass-through with a variety of optional modules.


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CRX-10iA, CRX-10iA/L

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