NEW CRX Food-Grade Variants

FANUC CRX Food-grade collaborative robots (cobots) are specifically designed for use in food and beverage manufacturing environments.

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FANUC CRX Food-Grade Cobot Product Line
CRX-10iA Food Grade Picking Food Items

Benefits of CRX Food-Grade Cobots

FANUC CRX food-grade cobots are constructed with materials that make them safe to work in food processing facilities. Our CRX food-grade cobots offer food companies a wide range of features and benefits:
  • Rated IP67, FANUC’s CRX food-grade cobots are dust-tight and waterproof and can operate in harsh food production environments without compromising performance.
  • The wrist features a corrosion-resistant finish.
  • A smooth surface and fully enclosed design with internal cable routing makes it easy to clean.
  • Epoxy coating is compliant with USDA Incidental Food Contact Requirements.
  • Uses NSF H1 food-grade grease which is safe for incidental food contact.

Is a FANUC CRX Food-Grade Cobot Right for You?

If your production involves food handling, wet environments, or has rigorous hygiene requirements, a FANUC CRX food-grade cobot is a great choice to:
  • Pick, sort, inspect or package food.
  • Work in areas prone to water splashes or dampness – most standard cobots are unable to withstand wet environments without compromising safety.
  • Meet sanitary requirements to ensure compliance and minimize the risk of product recalls due to contamination.
  • Perform upstream inspection, processing, and vision-based tasks for handling delicate food items.
FANUC CRX-10iAL - Food Grade Variant

FANUC CRX Food-Grade Collaborative Robots
Safe and Versatile for Food Processing Automation

CRX-5iA Food Grade Variant

CRX-5iA Food-Grade

5kg payload and
994mm reach

CRX-10iA Food Grade Variant

CRX-10iA Food-Grade

10kg payload and
1,249mm reach

CRX-10iAL - Food Grade Variant

CRX-10iA/L Food-Grade

10kg payload and
1,418mm reach

CRX-20iAL - Food Grade Variant

CRX-20iA/L Food-Grade

20kg payload and
1,418mm reach

CRX-25iA - Food Grade Variant

CRX-25iA Food-Grade

25-30kg payload and
1,756-1,889mm reach

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