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Collaborative Robots 101: Cobots and what you need to know

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Jul 18, 2024
Scott hubbard
Scott Hubbard
Senior Engineer/Product Manager , FANUC America
Collaborative Welding Robot

Collaborative robots, or “Cobots,” have grown in popularity in recent years. They utilize proven safety features, offering a more flexible solution and smaller footprint in many instances than traditional industrial robots.

FANUC CRX Cobot Series

The safety and flexibility Collaborative robots provide without the need for safety fencing or equipment is done by using sensors and force controls. The ergonomic product design of the FANUC CRX is designed to eliminate injury and avoid collisions when working side by side with humans.

FANUC’s line of cobots, including the new CRX, has inherited the same intelligence and reliability that our traditional yellow robots have had for decades! For example, FANUC’s integrated iRvision includes 2D, 3D, bin pick, and area scanners—all incredible vision technology right in our cobots as a plug-and-play feature.

CRX Collaborative Robot offers Quick Deployment and Easy Setup

A flexible collaborative robot like FANUC’s CRX offers quick deployment and easy setup. With both the CRX cobot and its controller being lightweight and compact, bulky equipment such as overhead cranes to get things into place are not required. The CRX’s small footprint and powerful R-30iB mini plus controller requires zero fencing or guarding, and runs on standard 120V power outlet – making setup a breeze. All of these benefits help companies reduce costs, save valuable floor space, and improve the bottom line.

CRX Cobots – Fast Setup, Simple Programming, Safe

Not all cobots are created equal, but with FANUC’s collaborative robot, the CRX’s “Ease of Use” benefit is its Simple drag-and-drop programming. Thirty years ago, robot programming was a high-level structured language like Fortran or C++. An engineer or maintenance technician had to know and understand the programming language. That changes with the all new FANUC CRX Tablet Teach Pendant. Easily program and teach points with the CRX Tablet Teach Pendant. The drag-and-drop interface for lead-through teaching and simple programming is easy, with no prior robotic experience needed.  Learn the Top 5 Reasons Why Cobots are for Everyone in our latest ebook.

Cobots, perfect for high mix to low volume tasks

These factors make collaborative robots a natural fit in a diverse range of industries and applications. Shift from high-mix low volume to low mix and high volume task easily. With a wide range of end of arm tooling (EOAT) supplied by FANUC Approved Device Partners makes it easy for a collaborative robot to switch tasks as well. The possibilities are truly endless but common applications for cobots are: AI vision inspection, arc welding, machine tending, palletizing, vision guided pick and place, finishing, sanding and more.

The FANUC CRX cobot is the only collaborative robot on the market with FANUC reliability offering 8 years of Zero Maintenance on Motors, Reducers, Sensors, Cables and Grease The CRX has FANUC industrial-strength Reliability proven through accelerated life tests on the following parts: Castings, Reducers, Cables, Sensors, PCBs.

Why choose the FANUC CRX Collaborative Robot?

FANUC is truly your “one stop shop” for advanced hardware and software technologies. When it comes to automation, being able to work with one supplier is a major advantage that streamlines the entire process. In addition we have experience, we’re proud to announce a major manufacturing milestone, our 1,000,000th robot is complete!

What does this mean for you? When you’re looking to put your trust, production and manufacturing into a product and company, rest assured FANUC is a smart choice. With 1,000,000 robots produced, you can Trust FANUC, the world’s leading supplier of CNC, robotics, and ROBOMACHINE automation.

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