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The CRX-10iA/L Collaborative Robot has a longer reach (1418mm )than its counterpart, the CRX-10iA, making it a perfect solution for automating manufacturing tasks such as machine tending, picking & packaging, dispensing, and welding.

Max Payload 10 kg
Reach 1418 mm
Axes 6

CRX Welding

Last Arrow Manufacturing - Collaborative Welding

Performance Composites – Gray Matter

Pitts & Spitts - Arc Specialties

CRX-10iA/L PMi Brake Pad Assembly

CRX-10iA/L EV Battery Inspection

CRX-20iA/L Dispense

CRX-10iA/L Battery Dispense

CRX-10iA/L Cobot Manual Teaching & Palletizing

Collaborative Robot CRX-10iA/L Machine Tending with Plug and Play Grippers

Athena Achieves Lights-Out Production with FANUC CRX Cobot

CRX Welding Applications

CRX-10iA/L Autonomous Scanning with Olympus

CRX-10iA/L Collaborative Robot Manual Teaching and Machine Tending

The CRX-10iA/L Collaborative Robot with a 10kg payload, 1,418mm reach and unique underflip motion renders it a perfect solution.

Max Payload 10 kg
Reach 1418 mm
Axes 6
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