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Cobot Mounting Options

Pedestals, Carts

Swivellink offers a selection of cobot bases and pedestal options including mobile bases and carts, adapters, part feeders, and mounting plates and brackets. Please visit the Swivellink website for product offerings.

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Swivellink mounting options
Swivellink RB MB CB600
Swivellink RB-PED-18-CB600 (18" Height)
RB PED 24 CB600
RB PED 30 CB600
Swivellink cart
Swivellink cart robot
Leoni pedastal

Please visit the Swivellink website for a full list of product offerings and features.


CRX-20iA/L CRX-25iA CRX-10iA CRX-10iA/L CRX-5iA CRX-30iA

Includes CRX Plugin

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