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CRX-25iA is our heaviest lifter of the FANUC CRX series of Collaborative robots to date! With a payload of 25-30kg and a reach of 1756-1889mm, the CRX-25iA is perfect for jobs that require extra lifting in a collaborative environment. Perfect for Palletizing, Material Handling, Machine Tending, Welding, and much more! The CRX Series of Cobots are 8 Years Zero Maintenance with the proven industrial reliability FANUC customers expect.

Max Payload
25/30 kg
1889 mm
Mechanical Weight
135 kg

Pacteon Cobot Palletizer and Stretch Wrapper

CRX Welding Applications

CRX-25iA Autonomous Palletizing with Zeta Group Engineering

General Specifications

Max Payload 25/30 kg
Reach 1889mm
Axes 6
Mechanical Weight 135
Repeatability ±± 0.05
Mounting Method floor, inverted, wall

Motion Range

J1 Motion Range 360°
J2 Motion Range 360°
J3 Motion Range 540°
J4 Motion Range 380°
J5 Motion Range 360°
J6 Motion Range 450°

Maximum Speed*

Collaborative Mode 1000 mm/sec
High Speed Mode 2000 mm/sec
*Please set motion speed according to risk assessment of system.

Allowable Wrist Load*

J4 Moment/Inertia 100.0/4.7
J5 Moment/Inertia 74.0/4.00
J6 Moment/Inertia 32.0/2.00

Input Power Source (VAC)

Power Source 100-120
Power Source 200-240


Body Standard IP67
Wrist & J3 Arm IP67
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