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Force Sensing

Grippers, Tools and Carried Sensors

The FANUC CRX robot models come equipped with internal force sensing capabilities, giving the robot the sense of touch and feel without needing additional hardware or software. Applications requiring the sense of touch are easily achieved using the new simple CRX programming interface. The new CRX interface guides the user through the required steps for setup and provides simple on-screen help icons to complete the task.

The CRX robot models from FANUC offers both the simplicity of the new user interface and the power of the more advanced force control functions using an external Force Sensor. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced robot programmer the FANUC CRX has a solution for all of your needs.

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FS 15i A Force Sensing
Force sensing 2
Force sensing 1
  • Integrated force sensing capabilities, no external Force Sensor or other hardware required for simple applications.
  • Easy Set up for novice or entry-level operators on the CRX tablet user interface.
  • Quick implementation. Supported force control functions require less than 5 steps to set up force control functions.
  • External Force Sensors are available for more advanced applications.


CRX-10iA CRX-10iA/L CRX-20iA/L CRX-25iA CRX-5iA CRX-30iA

Includes CRX Plugin

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