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The Strongest Collaborative Robot

While not part of the CRX series, the CR-35iB collaborative robot is our strongest cobot. With a payload of 50kg, it can work alongside operators in a variety of applications that would typically require lift assist devices or custom equipment. In addition to being the industry's strongest cobot, the CR-35iB has a large work envelope and small installation footprint, making it ideal for tight spaces. A more streamlined and lighter mechanical unit includes FANUC's latest sensor technology for safety.

Max Payload
50 kg
1643 mm
Mechanical Weight
375 kg

General Specifications

Max Payload 50 kg
Reach 1643mm
Axes 6
Mechanical Weight 375
Repeatability ±0.03
Mounting Method floor

Motion Range

J1 Motion Range 370°
J2 Motion Range 215°
J3 Motion Range 338°
J4 Motion Range 400°
J4 Motion Range 280°
J6 Motion Range 900°

Maximum Speed*

Collaborative Mode 750 mm/sec
High Speed Mode 750 mm/sec
*Please set motion speed according to risk assessment of system.

Allowable Wrist Load*

J4 Moment/Inertia 110/4
J5 Moment/Inertia 110/4
J6 Moment/Inertia 60/1.5
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Featured Video: The CR-35iB Helps Assemble a Bicycle

Watch the CR-35iB help an operator assemble a bicycle. Specific icons and dedicated screens - created for the Tablet Teach Pendant using Plug-in SDK - prompt the operator to assemble and inspect the bicycle at certain points after the robot had oriented the bicycle for convenient access. A “confirm” button is pressed after a step is completed and the robot moves to the next assembly position where a new set of instructions is displayed. This demonstration illustrates the cobot’s ability to speed up the assembly process while eliminating ergonomic stress.

Why choose the CR-35iB?

The strongest in the industry

FANUC’s CR-35iB is the industry’s strongest collaborative robot. It features a payload of up to 50kg, a large work envelope, and a small installation footprint, making it suitable for small spaces.

Object recognition ready

Depending on your needs, the CR-35iB can be equipped with a FANUC Vision Sensor or a FANUC 3D Area Sensor, enabling it to locate or visualize products.

Easy to program

The CR-35iB doesn’t need special programming or complicated languages. Operators can program with the FANUC Hand Guidance option, or use FANUC’s tablet TP, which features a ” drag-and-drop” user interface.

More range of motion

A larger range of motion means even more flexibility and dexterity for various applications, including vision-guided picking or inspection, material handling, part transfer, machine tending, packing, palletizing, and more. Also, a hollow arm design minimizes interference with peripheral equipment. Whatever the task, if it has a heavy payload that also requires close interaction with workers, the CR-35iB is a great fit.

Cr 35ib facing right
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