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CRX Collaborative Robot Series

FANUC’s new CRX Cobots are safe, flexible, quick to implement, and easy to program. All with FANUC renowned reliability and 8 years of maintenance-free operations to meet the production needs of today’s manufacturers.

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Collaborative Robot Series

The most reliable cobots for your automation solution. Browse our full lineup.


Easy to Power

Each model runs on standard 120v power.

Small Footprint

The compact size of the CRX makes each model easy to place.

Quick Set-Up

Fast gripper installation and changeovers with FANUC-approved devices.

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Whether you are considering automation for the first time, or looking to re-evaluate your current production systems FANUC has solutions to help businesses of all sizes and budgets.


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Approved by FANUC. Perfect for your application.

Integrate Peripheral Devices easily with FANUC approved End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), Accessories, and Plugins.
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