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Servo Electric Gripper

Grippers, Tools and Carried Sensors

DH Servo electric grippers that support plug-and-play with FANUC CRX robots offer several advantages:

Easy Integration: These grippers can be seamlessly integrated with FANUC CRX robots, reducing setup time and complexity. Plug-and-play allows the gripper to be quickly connected and configured without extensive programming or additional hardware.

Enhanced Precision and Control: Servo electric grippers provide precise control over gripping force, speed, and position. This precision is beneficial for handling delicate or variable-sized objects with accuracy.

Improved Efficiency: Automation of the gripping process with servo electric grippers can enhance operational efficiency, reducing manual intervention and increasing the speed of repetitive tasks.

Seamless Communication: These grippers are designed to communicate effectively with the FANUC CRX robot's control system, ensuring synchronized and coordinated operations. This integration simplifies programming and enhances overall system performance.

Overall, servo electric grippers with plug-and-play support for FANUC CRX robots provide a combination of precision, flexibility, and ease of use that can significantly enhance the capabilities and efficiency of robotic automation systems.

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Dh robotics servo electric gripper
Dh robotics servo motor gripper
Dh robotics gripper

By installing the CRX plug-in, the gripper is connected to the robot's front interface, allowing for plug-and-play functionality and direct programming and control of the gripper at the demonstrator.


CRX-10iA CRX-10iA/L

Suitable Applications

Assembly Machine Tending/Part Transfer

Includes CRX Plugin

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