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MurrPlastik Systems, Inc.

Flexible Holder System for FANUC CRX


Sets specially designed for cable routing on FANUC CRX 10i robots. The assembly includes the protective conduit, end sleeves, and the appropriate fastening with a non-slip hook and loop tape. For an easier installation of pre-assembled cables, the protective conduit is available in slotted LS. The set offers the lowest possible interference contour for a low risk of damage.

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Murrplastik Systems Inc Flexible
  • Specially designed for cable routing on CRX robots
  • Mounting and fastening is easy with a non-slip hook and loop tape


CRX-10iA CRX-10iA/L

Suitable Applications

Machine Tending/Part Transfer Packing/Palletizing/Picking Inspection

Includes CRX Plugin

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