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CRX 25i A Food Grade Variant Product

CRX-25iA Food Grade

FANUC’s CRX-25iA/L food-grade collaborative robot is designed for the food and beverage industries. Equipped with NSF-H1 food-grade grease, white epoxy paint and rust/chemical resistant plating, the CRX-25iA food-grade cobot is an ideal solution for food handling, wet environments, or strict hygiene requirements.

Max Payload
30 kg
1889 mm
Mechanical Weight
135 kg

General Specifications

Max Payload 30 kg
Reach 1889mm
Axes 6
Mechanical Weight 135
Repeatability ±± 0.05
Mounting Method floor, inverted, wall

Motion Range

J1 Motion Range 360°
J2 Motion Range 360°
J3 Motion Range 540°
J4 Motion Range 380°
J5 Motion Range 360°
J6 Motion Range 450°

Maximum Speed*

Collaborative Mode 1000 mm/sec
High Speed Mode 2000 mm/sec
*Please set motion speed according to risk assessment of system.

Allowable Wrist Load*

J4 Moment/Inertia 100.0/4.7
J5 Moment/Inertia 74.0/4.00
J6 Moment/Inertia 32.0/2.00

Input Power Source (VAC)

Power Source 100-120
Power Source 200-240


Body Standard IP67
Wrist & J3 Arm IP67
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