AccuTask Workstation

Fully integrated, robotic mobile workstation, the AccuTask uses the Forge/OS5 operating system to dramatically simplify your automation programming.

You can customize your AccuTask by selecting your Cobot or Industrial robot, along with a variety of a la carte options such as additional I/O, Valves, Safety scanners, as well as custom vacuum grippers, OnRobot equipment, Aim Robotics dispensing units, deburring unit, polishing unit, quick tool changer, vision, etc…

AccuTask Workstation
ACCUFACTURE mobile workstation
Mobile Workstation for CRX Cobot
AccuTask robotic mobile workstation
dramatically simplify your automation programming


  • Ready out of the crate solution to easily automate a wide variety of repetitive tasks
  • Heavy-duty construction with stainless steel tabletop fixture
  • Easily connect and program all the devices of your application with Forge OS/5 and no code programing
  • Compatible with CRX series, CR series, LR Mate series, and ARC Mate series
  • Move around the factory easily with industrial caster and leveling feet
  • Quickly connect all the devices in your process with quick connectors to onboard digital I/O, Solenoid valves, safety board, and machine tool communication
  • Secure the workstation to the floor with the included floor bracket
  • Add safety to your application with optional safety scanners (required for industrial robots)

Quick Facts

Suitable Applications

Machine tending, Assembly, Welding, Machining, Quality Control, Packaging, Pick-n-place, Sorting, etc…


CRX-10iA, CRX-10iA/L

Includes CRX Plugin?


Product Dimensions

1027x800x955 (cart only)

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