Pneumatic Grippers

CKD provides 3 types of Pneumatic Grippers for collaborative robots. The “RLSH-Compact,” “RHLF-Long Stroke,” and “RCKL-3-way fingers” are compact and lightweight, but have a high gripping force and are easy to set up. The grippers can be replaced without tools and share common flanges for easy replacement.

To improve workers’ safety, the 360-degree visible indicator lamps provide an instant view of the state of the gripper actuation. All the components required for plug and play use come standard with CKD Pneumatic Grippers.

CKD FANUC CRX grippers
Pneumatic Grippers for cobots
Pneumatic Grippers for CRX cobots
Pneumatic Grippers for FANUC cobots
Pneumatic Grippers for FANUC cobots


  • Pneumatically driven for high gripping power in a lightweight body
  • Indicator lamp visible from 360 degrees
  • Grip speed easily adjustable with speed adjustment knob
  • Round shape with no protrusions or edges
  • Dedicated common flange makes entire series mountable on robot in just 2 minutes

Suitable Applications

  • Compact body avoids interference with robot trajectory for narrow applications
  • Low profile, long-stroke keeps height small on space-constrained applications
  • 3-way finger ideal for round and cylindrical workpieces

Quick Facts

Includes CRX Plugin?


Product Dimensions

148mm height by 83mm width

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