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7 Things You May Not Know About Cobots

Posted on
Jul 15, 2024
Bryan Dugan
Bryan Dugan
Web Manager , FANUC America
Cobot line up

Collaborative robots – or cobots, provide a number of advantages and ways to ensure you get a break on the job. The use of cobots is on the rise, and people in the workforce will benefit.

Here are seven things you may not know about cobots:

1.  They offer increased flexibility – Because cobots can be easily taught new tasks, users have the flexibility to move them as needs change.

2.  They fit into small spaces – Sleek and ergonomic designs include a lightweight and compact arm that fits in virtually any floor space configuration.

3.  They are easy to install – Users - even those with no experience using a robot can set up a cobot and get straight to work.

4.  They are easy to program – Ideal for first-time users. FANUC’s CRX model cobots use manual guide programming and a new icon-based, drag-and-drop teach pendant user interface. 

5.  They are intelligent!  Equipped with iRVision and application software, FANUC cobots can quickly locate parts, making them great for robotic picking & packing, machine load/unloading, and more.

6.  The gentlest touch stops them because safety comes first.

7.  Collaboration is the key – Cobots were designed to work with people, not replace them.  They make work easier, so employees can complete work more quickly, focus on multiple tasks, and even take a break.

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