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Cobots Help Last Arrow Manufacturing Boost Productivity

Posted on
Jul 08, 2024
Bryan Dugan
Bryan Dugan
Web Manager , FANUC America
Last aarow manufacturing case study

Last Arrow Manufacturing, an Ohio-based contract manufacturer, needed a flexible automated solution to take on simple and repetitive welding projects to free up their skilled welders to do jobs that required more expertise. After trying a variety of automation options, they chose the FANUC CRX welding cobot and haven’t looked back. Since implementing cobots, Last Arrow has experienced a very quick uptick in business, a high level of employee satisfaction, improved flexibility, and higher profits.

FANUC Cobots are the right choice for your welding processes

Why FANUC? Our cobots are easy to set up, program, and redeploy and include FANUC's intelligent welding options our customers have come to expect, including iRVision, Thru-Arc Seam Tracking, and Touch Sensing. Find out more today!

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When it comes to your welding operations, our all-new CRX cobot is a complete game-changer, allowing you to shift from high-mix low-volume to low-mix and high-volume tasks with ease. In addition to being easy to set up and program, the FANUC CRX cobot is the only collaborative robot on the market with FANUC reliability, offering 8 years of Zero Maintenance on Motors, Reducers, Sensors, Cables, and Grease.


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