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FANUC's Cobots: Higher Payload Capabilities for Heavy Lifting and Much More

Posted on
Jul 08, 2024
Bryan Dugan
Bryan Dugan
Web Manager , FANUC America
Crx 25ia heavy payload cobot

FANUC America has introduced two new higher-payload capacity collaborative robots to meet the needs of companies looking to relieve workers from heavy lifting tasks. Whether it’s palletizing heavy boxes, putting parts on inventory shelves, or any number of backbreaking and repetitive jobs, FANUC’s Cobots now offer payload capabilities from 4kg to 50kg.

In addition to lifting heavier products, FANUC’s Cobots are extremely easy to use and provide flexible solutions for companies looking to increase productivity and find a solution to overcome the skills gap. For those new to using automation, cobots are ideal for handling simple and repetitive work, which frees up employees to do challenging jobs that require more expertise such as production scheduling, quality control, and other high-level tasks. In addition, a cobot can be easily mounted to a cart and immediately rolled to another area to perform a different job.

With a current lineup of 11 cobot model variations, the FANUC CR and CRX cobot series work in a variety of industrial applications including assembly, inspection, material handling, packaging, palletizing, sanding, welding, and more. Representing the largest models in each series, the CRX-25iA cobot offers a 30kg payload capacity with full wrist articulation, and the CR-35iB cobot has a 50kg payload capacity.

If you’re like many small- to medium-size companies with low-volume/high-mix production runs, it’s likely that a Cobot is the right answer. Contact us today, and let’s explore your application and discover an automated solution that’s right for you.

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