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JMC Motion

ARM-IO Device


Connect your robot EOAT devices quickly and reliably with ARM-IO. The 8 Pole CRX connector gets broken out to (6) M8-3 pole female connectors providing robust connection points for sensors, valves, analog devices, and more. The slim design mounts in-line and replaces bulky junction blocks, terminal boxes, and the brackets/wiring that add time and cost to your project.

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Jmc motion arm io
JMC Motion ARM IO image 1
JMC Motion ARM IO image 2
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  • Mounts seamlessly in-line with your robot, tool changer, or end of arm tooling
  • Lightweight robust type III hard-coat anodized aluminum
  • Just 19mm thick (Offset) and less than 0.2kg
  • (6) M8-3 pole ports
  • Port caps included for unused ports


Includes CRX Plugin

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