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Auto Connector AC063


The Auto Connector is a new type of mechanical connection system that makes fully automatic tool changes possible. The system is composed of an upper assembly and a lower assembly. The upper assembly houses the locking mechanism, which ensures a precise and form-locking fitment between the upper and lower assembly. The locking and unlocking mechanism is activated through the robots own movement. Trays make it possible to park multiple types of end of arm tools. An external energy source is not required for the Auto Connector to perform its automatic tool change.

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Robbi7 1920x1614
CRX und Auto Connector
CRX und Auto Connector front 1920x1109
Auto Connector Gallery 4 frei
Auto Connector Gallery 2 frei
  • Fully automatic end of arm tool change
  • Interface according to DIN EN ISO 9409-1
  • High repeatability < 0.02 mm
  • Durable – withstands over 1,000.000 changing cycles
  • Withstands high loads with low dead weight
  • The robot’s own movement activates the locking and unlocking mechanism
  • No external energy such as compressed air or electric are required
  • Integrated pneumatic feedthroughs
  • Module for electric actuated tools is optional
  • Machined out of high strength aluminum and anodized
  • A spring actuated pin ensures additional safety during operation


CRX-20iA/L CRX-10iA CRX-10iA/L CRX-5iA

Suitable Applications

Assembly Machine Tending/Part Transfer Packing/Palletizing/Picking Welding Material Handling

Includes CRX Plugin

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