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As a CRX Cobot solutions provider, BizLink offers not only cables and dresspacks, but they also develop and supply all guiding elements required for smooth CRX operation. Individual support components for guiding dresspacks, diverse installation fittings and innovative coupling and connector systems are some examples of BizLink’s broad range of components. Top quality materials. Longevity. Simple handling.

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Bizlink cable system
Bizlink cable crx
Leoni cable housing
Bizlink cable fastener


  • Components designed acc. to international standards for cobots
  • Signal color for the J6 holder assembly for better visibility

Fast Installation

  • Due to proven BizLink B-Flex components
  • No offset at J6 flange

Ease of use

  • J6 holder supports manual guided teaching of the robot
  • J6 holder can be adjusted easily after first fixation

Corrugated tube

  • Special corrugated hose for cobots
  • Size 23 & 29 possible

J6 holder


  • Modular design allows different mounting positions
  • No offset at J6 or interference with the integrated connectors at J6
  • Signal color for improved visibility
  • J6 holder supports the manual guided teaching function


CRX-10iA CRX-10iA/L

Includes CRX Plugin

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