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Cobot Mounting Solutions

Grippers, Tools and Carried Sensors

80/20 helps support robotics from the ground up with heavy-duty mounting plates and pedestals for collaborative robots (cobots). Select from your choice of mobile or static pedestal heights and add a mounting plate that supports select Fanuc CRX models.

For a full offering of robotic products, visit the 80/20 website.

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Cobots on 80/20 Mounting Plates
80/20 40200-SP-K Mount
80/20 40200-MP-K Mount
80/20 40200-SP-K Mount
80/20 40200-MP-K Mount
  • Heavy-duty .75” thick mounting plates
  • Static and mobile pedestal options
  • PPlates and pedestals used in tandem for CRX models
  • Robot controller mounts directly to t-slot frame
  • Heavy-duty construction with stainless steel hardware

For a full list of features, visit the 80/20 website.


CRX-20iA/L CRX-25iA CRX-10iA CRX-10iA/L CRX-5iA

Includes CRX Plugin

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