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SMC Corporation of America

Grippers for FANUC CRX

Grippers, Tools and Carried Sensors

SMC is a global manufacturer of components for the Automation, Controls, and Process industries; our vision to be the global standard for sustainable automation is realized by partnering with our customers to discover energy and resource savings. We partner with FANUC Corporation by providing end-of-arm tooling for the CRX Series Collaborative Robots through our JMHZ2-X7400 Series Air Gripper, ZXP Series Vacuum Gripper, and MHM-X7400 Series Magnet Gripper.

The SMC Gripper Units are certified for Plug and Play integration with the FANUC collaborative robots. The designs are compact and lightweight and work with a multitude of applications between the variations. Installation is simple – connect air supply to unit, connect electrical M8 connector to Cobot, mount unit, and download the FANUC CRX Plug-in Software.

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Smc grippers
Smc ZGS A C1 2
Smc gripper for crx
MHM X7400 A CRX Isometric View 72c42676f99d73f28c9249b50f48eb12 1
ZXP7 21 X1 Isometric View 72c42676f99d73f28c9249b50f48eb12 1
  • Plug and Play configuration for immediate use
  • FANUC CRX Plug-in Software
  • Operates by simply connecting a compressed air supply tube and an electrical wiring M8 connector
  • Standards: ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6


CRX-10iA CRX-10iA/L

Suitable Applications

Assembly Machine Tending/Part Transfer Material Handling Packing/Palletizing/Picking

Includes CRX Plugin

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