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Robotiq Grippers

Plug and Play Gripper Kits

Grippers, Tools and Carried Sensors

Robotiq’s grippers are simple to integrate into your production environment and easy for workers of all skill levels to use – no robotics experience required. Install your adaptive gripper in just a few minutes, thanks to our Plug and Play gripper kits. Then use our intuitive software interface to program directly on your CRX’s touchscreen.

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Robotiq grippers 700x500
Fanuc CRX Robotiq 2 F 85 05 72c42676f99d73f28c9249b50f48eb12 1
Fanuc CRX Robotiq 2 F 140 02 72c42676f99d73f28c9249b50f48eb12 1
Fanuc CRX Robotiq Hand E 03 72c42676f99d73f28c9249b50f48eb12 4
Fanuc CRX Robotiq Dual Hand E 01 72c42676f99d73f28c9249b50f48eb12 4

Robotiq grippers are THE grippers for Collaborative Robots. The Plug and Play integration can quickly adapt to parts of various shapes and sizes. The FANUC plugin enables all Robotiq grippers features with a user-friendly interface directly on the CRX’s touchscreen.

  • Hand-E has a stroke of 50 mm with a payload of 5 kg
  • 2F-85 has a stroke of 85 mm and a payload of 5 kg
  • 2f-140 has a stroke of 140 mm and a payload of 2.5 kg


CRX-10iA CRX-10iA/L

Suitable Applications

Assembly Machine Tending/Part Transfer Packing/Palletizing/Picking

Includes CRX Plugin

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